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    What is Collaba?

    Integrated collaboration and communication platform

    Collaba is an integrated collaboration and communication server featuring e-mail, calendaring, forums, multimedia chat, blogs, wiki, files and documents, assignments, portfolio, bookmarks, content syndication, podcasting, web publishing, and much more.

    Integrated platform
    One of Collaba's strengths is its full integration of all the features you need to host a powerful and flexible collaboration and communication server. Too many software packages on the market boast a ton of features, only to let you discover soon enough that you need to install, learn, configure and maintain other software packages that are not included, and that can even sometimes carry their own price tag.

    Collaba on the other hand packs all of its features into a single self-contained Java server application. You will never need to install a separate web, mail or database server to support Collaba; everything is built-in and ready to go!

    As a web portal server, Collaba thrives at single sign-on. It can interconnect with virtually limitless web-based services and applications, and can usually do so in a very transparent and user-friendly way.