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    Minimum requirements

    Collaba Users

    Collaba is primarily a web portal. Thus a simple web browser can be used with to connect to Collaba. A number of features are also available through specialized client applications.

    Web portal: any web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
    E-mail: any SMTP/POP3 client application (SSL supported)
    Contacts: any vCard+DAV client application
    News: any RSS/podcast client application
    Forums: any NNTP client application
    Files & documents: any WebDAV or FTP client application
    Calendars: any iCalendar+DAV client application (ex: Mozilla Sunbird)
    The importance of desktop applications
    Many customers under-estimate the importance of getting a web platform that also provides compatibility with desktop applications and third-party tools. While the web platform will be just fine for everyone at first, your more experienced users will soon ask if they can use their favorite tools and applications with the platform. If the platform you choose does not provide such services, it runs the risk of loosing interest by those users (which often are the ones that can drive other users into adopting a new environment)
    Collaba 9 introduced advanced support for Mozilla SeaMonkey, a free open-source all-in-one internet communication suite. Collaba can now generate pre-configured SeaMonkey user profiles, thus making SeaMonkey an outstanding multipurpose client application for Collaba.

    Collaba Server


    • PC or Mac
    • 768 MB of RAM or more ( (2 GB recommended, 8 best)
    • 1 GB of hard disk space or more
    • 1 processor or more (4 recommended, 8 best)
    • 32bit or 64bit processor(s) (64bit recommended)

    Operating system

    • Linux
    • Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, etc.
    • MacOS X or MacOS X Server (Intel or PowerPC)
    • UNIX
    • Solaris
    • or any other Java 5.0-compatible operating system...


    • Java Standard Edition 5.0 or 6.0

    Server limits
    Server limits mostly depend on hardware configuration. With a "best" configuration (see above), a single Collaba server has these approximate limits:
    Maximum number of user accounts: 2,000,000 approx.
    Maximum number of user groups: 2,000,000 approx.
    Maximum number of forums: 2,000,000 approx.
    Maximum number of concurrent users: 2,000 approx. (per server node)
    Maximum mail domains: 5,000 approx.
    Maximum web domains: 5,000 approx.

    To extend those limits, Collaba can be deployed on multiple servers through a strategy called Collaba Massive Deployment Site.