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    Collaba: Messaging

    Integrated E-mail

    Collaba includes a powerful feature-rich e-mail system. Every user has a personal mailbox for sending and receiving local or internet messages. Since mailboxes are stored on the server, users are fully mobile and can access their mail from anywhere anytime. Mailboxes are accessible through Collaba's web portal, or using any mail desktop application (SMTP/POP3).

    Messages can be processed automatically by server-side mail rules, filtered with built-in anti-spam and anti-virus measures, sorted and archived into mail folders, etc. Users can compose rich-text or text-only messages on-line, use signatures and mail templates, attach files from their computer or from their Collaba files & documents, enable strong encryption for sensitive e-mails, view message history records (who read what when), and more.


    Safe e-mail for kids
    Collaba's e-mail system is especially tailored to provide messaging services to kids in schools. In addition to permissions that you can configure to limit the ability to receive and/or send e-mail from or to the Internet, an identity protection system can ensure that the true identity of students is not divulged in e-mail addresses.

    Contacts / Address book

    All Collaba users have a personal address book in which contacts can be stored. Each contact has a detailed profile with personal and business contact information. Users can e-mail contacts very easily by either clicking a contact's New Message button or by typing part of a contact's name in a message. Groups also have an address book, allowing users to share common contacts. Contacts can be synchronized with PDAs and calendaring applications using vCard over WebDAV.


    Desktop applications

    Collaba e-mail can be used and managed through its web portal, but also using efficient desktop applications:

    Free open-source software:

    ... and any SMTP/POP3-compatible client!

    Proprietary software:
    • Microsoft Outlook & Entourage
    • Apple Mail
    • IBM Lotus Notes
    • Novell GroupWise
    • Eudora
    • and more...
    Technical details
    Collaba's mail service is fully integrated and does not require any external mail server.

    Collaba administrators can configure disk quotas for specific groups and/or specific users so that their mailbox cannot become excessively huge. Disk usage status is always visible to users, and advance notifications are displayed when the quota is almost reached. Once the quota is reached, affected users cannot create or send new mail. They continue to be able to receive mail though, so they won't miss on important e-mail simply because they have reached their disk space quota.

    A POP3 client engine built into Collaba allows it to fetch mail from outside POP3 servers.

    Users can be given more than one e-mail address, across multiple domain names.

    Anti-virus protection is achieved through ClamAV scanning (optional software must be installed separately), DNSBL validation, and multiple filters.

    Other messaging features include: auto-zip attachments, auto-forwarding, Qualified Dublin Core metadata, search tool, visual indicators for unread or sensitive messages, quoting of original messages, discussion chaining (threads), recovery of deleted messages, mbox exporting, MIME exporting, short messages system, contact sharing, personal mailing lists, contact import/export using the standard vCard format, and more.