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    Collaba: Web publishing

    Collaba is a fully-featured web server. As so, it can publish personal web sites, group web sites and general (public) web sites. Collaba can control who has access to specific sites or parts of sites.

    On-line editing

    Web pages can be designed with any web design desktop application and uploaded by WebDAV or FTP, or they can be designed with Collaba's built-in WYSIWYG (visual) web page editor.

    District, school or class web sites
    Collaba makes it easy to setup web sites for any group within your organization. Access to web sites published by Collaba can be restricted using flexible access control rules, so to meet any security or information protection needs you may have.
    Technical details
    Web sites published with Collaba can be served over regular HTTP or through fully-encrypted HTTPS (SSL) connections.