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    Collaba: Customers

    Collaba in Education

    Most communication and collaboration products on the educational market are enterprise products that have been modified by corporations in the hope to fit their view of educational needs.

    Collaba however was created as an education-specific solution by a team whose two thirds were computer-literate teachers and pedagogical counselors. This makes Collaba a strong education-oriented platform that is not trying to fit into a world it isn't coming from, like most others.

    In addition to students and teachers, educational customers have another category of users to consider: parents. Collaba provides two free limited-access parent accounts per regular user account, thus allowing you to welcome parents without additional costs.

    Parent accounts in Collaba
    Parent accounts are provided free of charge to all educational organizations that purchase Collaba Open Server. These accounts allow parents to connect to Collaba from home and get access to a number of features related to their kids: news board, read-only calendars, and parent-to-teacher short messaging. Two parent licenses are provided for each student account.

    Non-profit and small organizations

    Collaba's pricing list starts at only one user license per year, and increases on a quantity-discounting slide. It is therefore very affordable for even the smallest organization, while still including every feature.

    Enterprise customers

    The true relevance of an enterprise-level platform lies in its ability to be cost-effective. In that area, Collaba surpasses other solutions by combining easy installation, easy learning, easy use and low licensing cost. While a few other solutions may claim to be cheaper (or even free) initially, their Total Cost of Ownership is usually much higher because of the level of technical expertise required to install and/or maintain the product. Collaba on the other hand requires only minimal technical knowledge for installation, and no technical expertise at all to learn and use.

    Among all the features and technologies embedded into Collaba, many stand out in the corporate world: private/public-keypair-based strong encryption of e-mail, fully-encrypted SSL access (HTTPS, POP3-S, SMTPS), LDAP-driven user base, SMB/CIFS and SAN connectivity, server compatibility with all major operating systems, and more!

    Very large sites

    Collaba is also designed for large sites that serve hundreds of thousands of users or more. Special pricing is available.