Collaba Open Server

Although identical in features to Bronze, Silver and Gold editions, Collaba Open Server is the best supported and most size-flexible edition. It is best suited for medium and large organizations that have hundreds, thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands of users, and that need premium technical support.

To install and use Collaba Open Server, you need to purchase enough annual user licenses for all your users. By purchasing annual user licenses, you receive free software upgrades throughout the year and get premium technical support. There are no server licenses; the cost of user licenses is the only cost you need to pay to get Collaba Open Server.

What's included?

  • Collaba 11 server software + documentation
  • Full e-mail support (unlimited incidents) for one technical contact
  • Access to all releases (see Premium Support)
  • Free Early Access Program
  • Free special licenses for parents

How to get it...

  1. Request a quote with the form below
  2. Buy the licenses on-line (store link provided in the quote)

Not quite the right size?

Collaba is available in multiple editions, which vary in size, support options and price. Make sure you select the product that is appropriate for you.

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